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Latin America Upstream Analytics and Valuation

Welligence is an independent oil and gas analytics firm focused on the Latin America upstream sector. Our application of machine learning to proprietary exploration and production data represents a paradigm shift within upstream analytics.

Leveraging our deep understanding of the industry and unparalleled access to asset-specific data and costs, we provide detailed asset overviews and valuation models. Our algorithms quantify nearly every piece of upstream developments and our valuations are supported by back-tested production forecasts at the individual well-level. This ensures that our clients are always ahead of the competition when it comes to investment decision-making, opportunity screening, and benchmarking.

The management team has professional experience in Latin America oil and gas research and consulting, energy banking and private equity, and machine learning research. Partnering with some of the industry’s most respected investors and advisors furthers the Welligence vision of bringing energy research into the 21st century.

Quickly understand field-specific development timelines, cost schedules, price differentials, reserves, hydrocarbon qualities, fiscal terms, reservoir characteristics and more.

Access the most recent production outlook through well-by-well production forecasts based on proprietary algorithms. Our algorithms are rigorously back-tested and incorporate well characteristics, in-field production, development history, analogue analysis, and time series trends.

Stay on top of the latest field-specific valuations through our real-time updates upon the release of new data. Our accurate, editable, intuitive and robust models provide a comprehensive understanding of future value. Seamlessly build best-practice models using comparable metrics, analogues and sensitivities of your choice.

Identify opportunities that fit your investment strategy by filtering on relevant metrics including NPVs, reserves, future capital requirements, development type, hydrocarbon quality and more.

Our analytics assist in assessing the upside and downside risks of upstream and infrastructure investments. In addition, users will soon be able to evaluate the cash flow forecasts of operators and tax revenues of national governments.

Benchmark metrics to compare field or operator performance, production, competitive advantage and profitability. Our real-time update cycles will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Our extensive in-region network of contacts and our frequent travel to the region ensures that our clients are always on top of the latest intel. Our analysts are available to discuss the latest developments that are critical for accurate decision-making.